The Tëkno Mat is a durable non-slip mat, about the same thickness as layout board. The Tëkno Mats offer superior floor protection against scratches & dents from dropped objects.

Tëkno Mats:

  • Do not slide on wood, tile or stone floors
  • Do not bunch up when rolling carts or dollies over them.
  • Require no taping
  • Less of a trip hazard than carpet mats and layout board
  • Easily wiped off in the event of a spill
  • Provide superb slip protection when wet
  • Provide sound suppression on set
  • Do not smell when wet

Our Tëkno Mats are popular with location managers, home owners, location reps and production departments. We receive nothing but praise for this product. We now have locations that insist on using Tëkno Mats.

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